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the &sons philosophy

Despite any efforts to streamline, standardize or "box up" design jk - each project we seem to undertake comes out unique. So we've finally thrown in the towel and have come to expect each new client to be different from the last. And, seriously folks, this is why we come to work.

We do our best work with clients that are ready for a new, fresh approach to whatever challenges they face. We don't have to re-invent the wheel, but we do expect our clients to be open to options they haven't considered before. And for the most part, the best approach is not a complete makeover but rather a touch up.

We have found this philosophy - of custom, restorative design and application - produces the most effective (and often less expensive) result.

what we love

We love that each new client is a journey. Whether we begin from the bottom, with branding and design, or jump in with customer support - &SONS loves to play a part in our client's success.

Though rooted in design, &SONS has grown into a full service shop for all your custom development, support (and of course, design) needs. Growing clients through social media and custom support services has been a blast - especially as we see our client's reach extend to formally unreachable customers.

&SONS has designed for the likes of photographers, mentorship software, adult "lunchables," and much more. And we L-O-V-E new challenges.

whats with the name

Who knows, the boss is crazy.